“In the end, it is our union with God that makes life not only bearable…but beautiful…” Mother Theresa’s Secret Fire by Joseph Langford

Not only bearable…but beautiful. I found myself repeating this phrase at first glance; as if repeating was a form of chewing, better yet digesting it’s weight and reality. There it is…the answer to my heart’s deepest desire as a woman; the desire to live a beautiful life…to be beautiful.

Though the answer is clear, union with God, what are the means? How do we work towards it, earn it? Is it as tangible as glass rosary beads through fingers, pencil marks on Bible verses, smooth wood on church pews, or in the smile of a stranger? As Catholic women, this answer is different for each of us, but it starts with a conscious decision to seek and achieve a personal relationship with Christ.

As a cradle Catholic, I oftentimes became disenchanted with the cyclical nature of meeting dogmatic obligations. Attending mass weekly, reciting the rosary daily, fasting and feasting on holidays, weekly benedictions and confessions, J.M.J. on school documents,  youth group meetings, CCD on Wednesdays…etc. Avoid mortal sin, don’t eat meat on Fridays in Lent, go to church on Sunday.. good to go! There are so many things to do, so many rules not to break, but through it all, we become disenchanted with it, start to question…even doubt, because the magnificence of all these Catholicisms escape us when an intimate relationship with God is not present. Through this blog I seek to encourage, empower, and help rekindle the fire for  Christ and Catholicism in young womens’ hearts and my own.